Laura Moore Fine Art Studios

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Inspired by Basquiat x Warhol Painting Four Hands and influenced by the Fluxus mail art tradition, Project 1O3 was born. In the summer of 2023 Laura Moore began the process of preparing 103 pieces of art to be handed off to a second artist for their response. Each piece of art started as a full sheet of heavy duty watercolor paper. The project incorporates 2D and 3D works and there are no rules or restrictions. The art may pass between the artists just once or multiple times. Eventually both artists declare it done. Twenty five artists received Project 1O3 art. Each artist took a minimum of 2 pieces. Some artists took over 8 pieces. The 103 pieces of art remain in various stages of completion.

For this exhibition we celebrate the completed art and the process that brought us here! We hope you can come see the results of this large scale collaboration and meet the artists that made it work.